Personal Information

The Team Showcase does not collect any personal information. As part of providing the Team Showcase, the Team Showcase servers and software exchange certain non-personal information with your browser, such as HTTP headers and IP addresses. This information is stored in server logs for diagnostic purposes.

Etsy API Data and Terms of Use

The Team Showcase complies with the Etsy API Terms of Use. The Team Showcase temporarily stores (caches) a subset of the available public information about an Etsy team (team name, ID and member count) to improve the responsiveness of the Team Showcase and to minimize the number of API requests. The Team Showcase complies with Etsy's time limitations on storing and renewing API-provided data.

Google Analytics

The Team Showcase uses Google Analytics to collect information about site usage. This information is limited to aggregate data, such as the number of visitors from a geographic region, and does not include personal information.


The Team Showcase does not use cookies, but it does depend on the use of cookies in Google Analytics.

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