About Sponsored Listings

The development of the Team Showcase is supported by members of the Etsy seller community.

When you use the "free" version of the Team Showcase on your website, one of the spaces in the showcase will feature a listing from one of the Team Showcase's supporters. This sponsored listing includes a prominent banner to set it apart from your team's listings:

For showcases with only one listing, it works a little differently: about 1 in 4 times that the showcase is loaded, it will display a sponsored listing.

Removing the Sponsored Listing

You can opt to have sponsored listings removed from your team's showcase by following our payment-in-kind process:

Make 5 Treasuries

Create 5 new treasuries on Etsy, where each treasury includes one or more listings by members of the Toronto Etsy Street Team.

Tell Us

Send a convo to Kevin of BetaRays with the URLs of the 5 treasuries and the name of your team.

Receive Bacon

When the convo is received and the treasuries are verified, sponsored listings will be permanently removed for all showcases featuring your team.

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